The Shouting Message In The Calmness of Philando Castile’s Girlfriend

Stockholm Syndrome

My daughter and I were talking about Philando Castile and two movies came up. We watched the movie Crash just a couple of weeks ago, and his shooting reminded us a lot of the final scene where Lorenzo Tate got shot by the “good cop” while reaching in his pocket to show him they had something in common. The second, we’ve heard many talk about how calm Philando’s girlfriend was in the car and the child. But when we watched this scene in 12 Years A Slave, I remember my daughter noting how calm the other people were as Pratt was hanging from the tree. It is very interesting seeing the same reaction…Black folks (esp. the Black woman) having to stay calm because if they go to help, they know they are next. I know, I know, “there he goes with slavery again…”.

See for yourself below.

But wait, there’s more! As a bonus, you’ll get an answer to “black on black crime” and black male/female relationships, because when you institutionally dehumanize another person (made in the image of God right?), the oppressed will begin to view themselves through the eyes of the oppressor. You know, remember, just like that “Stockholm syndrome” mess that was made up for Patty?


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