“You just don’t know how hard it is for these officers…”

Worry About Our Man

I’m trying to not go through the usual racial fatigue that happens quite often at these times but I must comment on this one. Ethical people, please do not fall for the, “You just don’t know how hard it is for these officers, therefore…” argument. It’s a strawman, so it’s set on fire to get you off the true discussion of justice. This supposed rationale is never used as a legitimate excuse when priests rape boys, teachers abuse kids, parents beat their children to death, doctors operate unnecessarily for insurance fraud, and I could name many more examples.

But honestly, you know this. What you are actually proving is that there is a hierarchy on the lives you value. If you or your spouse is a cop, you worry, because officers killed effects you. I bet you even make sure you either say or have a non-verbal way of saying that you are a cop if you are stopped to make sure you are treated a certain way. Why would you do this if every officer is always just? In the end, you always want someone to understand how hard it is for you, as if we do not have family members who are cops or care about officers, but you never, ever understand how hard it is for anyone else. But I can care about both, but obviously, you can’t. If Dallas would not have happened, you wouldn’t have given much thought about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile let alone put anything on social media.

Heck, Trump is about to get elected over “illegals”, but do you understand how hard it is to live in poverty and so poor that you’d even leave your family to go somewhere else try to send money back to give them for a better life? See what I just did there? Yea, those who know that sin is in the heart of all of us, just like racism or prejudice, and we make decisions based on implicit biases all the time know what time it is, so I hope this at least helps somebody refute this flawed logic when the discussions pop up at work, church, etc..


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