Ready To Homeschool Your Kids Yet?

I have written about this in the past and it’s time to bring the topic up yet again.

I didn’t learn about Rosewood until the movie was made and I was pushing 30.

I didn’t know about Black Wall Street until I was about the same age.

People have asked if I homeschooled just because I didn’t want my kids in a “bad” school.

People have asked if I homeschooled just because I wanted them to have a Christian education.

How about because I just want them to be taught the truth?


This country can’t even report the facts in the midst of the tragedy in Orlando, Florida. While this is no surprise to most in the Black community, it is insulting.

You know, it has the same feeling if 1,000 people died in the U.K. and the Brits shouted, “This is the worst terrorist attack the world has ever seen!” I think American’s would have a problem with this statement, in while empathizing with the country.

However, there is no empathy, but “it never happened”. American massacres are never taught in the classroom, so ignorance and insult reigns supreme.


Real Terrorism

Do your children even know about Oklahoma?

When was the last time you’ve heard/watched a memorial on that act of terrorism (outside of Oklahoma at least)?

Who did we go to war with after that event (the last time I checked, “his group” is still active in MI)?

How many movies have been made about the event?

What racial profiling and laws were created after this to keep “Americans safe” from such acts?

What presidential candidate is steady gaining momentum with shouts of expelling white male terrorist from the United States to keep us safe?

Black folks are not being uncaring about Orlando, but as Ralph Wiley wrote, this is Why Black People Tend To Shout…

Ralph Wiley



4 thoughts on “Ready To Homeschool Your Kids Yet?

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    1. Thanks for letting me know! I have the IT staff (my son) on it right now. There’s an “x” in the upper right hand corner of the subscribe box. On phones, likely because there are no cookies saying you’ve been there, often have the pop-up that’s hard to see. So he’s going to change the contrast to make it more visible.

  2. It’s sad that you have to turn to home schooling to ensure your children are properly educated Then your taxed to provide money to a system that has shown repeatedly that it is not helping the kids Would be nice to get a tax break On the flip side of the coin though isn’t it the parents responsibility to train/raise their kids? Shouldn’t that include filling in the gaps where he system

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    1. That tax break would be nice! Especially looking at all of the other tax breaks/credits (isn’t that a form of government assistance?) that the system allows so many others such as child care, electric vehicles, etc..

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