30 Days of Dad: Day 10 – The Power of Morning & Evening Routines by The Art of Manliness and A Father’s Day Gift Idea


you need to git up, git out and git something
Don’t let the days of your life pass by
You need to git up, git out and git something
Don’t spend all your time trying to get high

Philosophers extraordinaire: Outkast – Git Up, Git Out

First off, I really hope the last part of that hook doesn’t apply to my CSDs out there, but just in case…

The Art of Manliness is one of my favorite podcasts. Brett really sets the bar high and is a great example of how to take topics many consider mundane or uninteresting, and find the nuggets that make you say, “I never thought about that…”.

In the video from the Art of Manliness YouTube channel, Brett discusses the power of morning and evening routines. As someone lives by the motto, “You can’t waste daylight”, this one definitely piqued my interest. When I say that, I’m implying that I love getting up at dawn and getting something accomplished early in the day. When the sun goes down, I start cooling down and thinking about the next day.

Also, wondering what inexpensive gifts you can tell the kids to get your for Father’s Day? I’m going to start posting some ideas. No paid endorsements of any kind, just some stuff I find cool that other CSD’s may like.

First up, the W+Compact Key Holder.

This is definitely one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” gifts. For about $15, you can get rid of a bunch of bulky keys and/or at least conveniently organize 2-15 of your favorites. As you can see below, it’s not very big at all, so it fits well in your pocket so you don’t look like Bookman or your old school janitor (unless that’s your hustle and I’m not mad at you either).

The only thing I don’t like about it after a few months is the small silver fastener (covered mostly by the kubatan below) screws together inside the cylinder. At first this seemed pretty sturdy. However, I have to always check to make sure it is twisted tightly as it becomes unscrewed much easier than I thought it would. No big deal thus far, but I’m not going to be happy if I lose my car key or my kubotan.

That’s the other thing…if you drive beaters like me, I don’t have a newer style key fog with integrated key. Therefore, the car keys have to remain outside the holder like a traditional key ring. No big deal as long as it is only one.

Keys1 Keys2

Overall, I wouldn’t put this on the “I gotta have it”, list, but I’d definitely say add it to the “Good to have” side.

If you have any morning or evening tips or a W-Key Extender, let us know your thoughts below.





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