Happy President’s Day from CSD! Now…You Wanna Hear A Secret?

The Great Griot is one of my favorite Youtube channels. Our family has watched every video and the quality keeps getting better and better, but it is the material that is invaluable and always leaves us wanting to search for more after each short lesson.

Once again, I have learned more history in this show than I EVER learned in twelve years of formal school or home. Had it not been for my great professor, Dr. Lyn Lewis, I would throw college in there as well.

This short and terrific video is a great one to watch for President’s Day and to foster a discussion with your children.

Some other highlights:

  • Have you ever been told to “Go back to Africa” (I have and it’s often preceded with, “If you don’t like it here…”)? Find out why that idea has already been tried, and why it didn’t work before. Trust me, the reason is the same why I did not work too well for Liberia and would not work now.
  • Did you learn or teach your children,  that Ole Honest Abe freed the slaves?
  • What were his true feelings?
  • Is America built on Christian values, the “superiority of the white race”, or both?
  • Did the country’s founding fathers really view all men as equal? (If not, are you still quick to assume they are Christians?)
  • For those with multi-ethnic children  (or as they say, “mixed-kids”), what did one of “our” greatest presidents really think about you and your offspring?

Lastly, do you see the comparison between President Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln in a different light? If so or if not, I’d love to hear why in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Happy President’s Day from CSD! Now…You Wanna Hear A Secret?

  1. First the spelling is GRIOT- which is a story teller if I remember correctly

    Yes Abe freed the slaves with his limited power of the territory under his control
    If you were not part of the US it didn’t apply to you

    They been trying to send blacks back to Africav for many years
    They even sponsored trips to get them back as far as Liberia
    As usual they use religious beliefs(mans doctrine ) to justify social change they want to do(slavery, superiority , societies class system. It still doesn’t make it right and that’s why some not all have been charged and punished for doing so
    Will they ever stop I doubt it especially when they control the so called justice system that usually only affects “JUST-US”
    Good discussion though

    1. Thanks and misspelling corrected!

      I’d love to hear more about those who have been charged and punished. The only punishment I’ve ever heard has been on nazi war criminals and related crimes against non-melanated people. Don’t recall many Americans (esp. politicians) being prosecuted for anything they have ever done.

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