CSD Snapshot: Ride Or Die Racing

With your kids, you will reap what you sow…

CornerstoneDad Snapshots

I spent last weekend at Milan Dragway with a couple of my sons for their No E.T. day. One of the fastest rides there was the Capri that you see below.

What is funny is that I knew a couple of the fellas in the racing crew that put this Capri together called Ride or Die. Now, I knew these young men way back in the day when they were just learning how to basically drive, but they had a passion for cars that they got from their dad (who owned some of the baddest rides Ford made) so we hit it off right from the beginning.

I won’t use the brothers “government name” out here, but I feel proud knowing that these guys have paid their dues and are now truly driving and enjoying some fast cars, not the 150hp Cutlass’s that we thought were fast back in the…

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CSD Ride Like The Wind Bike Mission Update – 100 miles and Runnin’!



Okay, not the kind of record you’d play in front of the kids, but it was the first thing I thought about when I totaled up my miles after today’s ride.

Plus, that album cover was pretty sweet.

17.8 nice miles by the noisy freeway. The path was pretty clear, pace was swift, and I knocked it out easily after a good night sleep.

Sleep really does do the body good!

CSD Snapshot Ride Of The Day: Mercury Montclair

When my friends across the pond say “Merc”, I think of Mercury!

CornerstoneDad Snapshots



The Mercury Montclair was a full-size automobile produced by the Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Company from 1955 to 1957, the M-E-L Division of Ford Motor Company 1958 to 1959 and by the Lincoln Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Company from 1964 to 1968. Its appearance followed the concept show car in 1954 called the Mercury XM-800.

The vehicle name was introduced in 1955 and applied to Mercury’s premium automobile line. Ford historians are at a loss as to where the name originated; the consensus is that it’s taken from the upper class community of Montclair, New Jersey. For 1955 and 1956, Montclairs featured Mercury’s best appointments, extra chrome trim, and different two-tone paint combinations to set them apart from other Mercury products. 1956 was the year that Ford introduced its Lifeguard safety program, and the Mercury Montclair came standard with a deep-dish steering wheel…

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CSD Ride of the Day: Dart GTS Sport

It’s car show time!

CornerstoneDad Snapshots

69 Dart GTS Sport

SOURCE: http://www.musclecarclub.com/musclecars/dodge-dart/dodge-dart-history-2.shtml

Comments: Dodge introduced a new GTS trim for its Dodge Dart line to compete against Chevy’s Nova SS. The hot GTS was available with either a standard 340 cid V8 with 275 bhp or an optional 383 V8 with 300 bhp. Coupled with its light 3,000 pound curb weight, the Dodge Dart GTS did very well on the street and the track. Unfortunately, the extra weight of the 383 tended to negate the power advantage of the 383 over the 340. Furthermore, the 340 was rumored to actually produce over 300 bhp which helps explains the lack of improvement with the 383 engine. Other technical enhancements included a low-restriction exhaust system with chrome tips, Rallye suspension, 14×5.5 inch wheel rims and E70-14 Red Streak tires. A three-on-the-tree manual transmission was standard, though most GTS models were sold with either a four-speed Hurst floor shift manual or a competition-type…

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CSD Ride Like The Wind Bike Mission Update

Freeway Bike Path


After a night of little sleep but much tossing and turning, mentally getting up for a 90-degree day bike ride was kind-of rough.

But again, I have to enjoy this lovely weather while the gettin’-is-good, so off to the trail I went.

This time, I decide to ride along the freeway on a path that is normally empty but extremely noisy and pretty ugly. This is usually a good one to ride when I know the local park trail is jammed or when I don’t have the energy for the hills of the park…and it’s the latter excuse today.

You know, doesn’t it feel great when your first get on and you’re easily cruising on your mountain bike 4×4 tires at 16+mph. Then it dawned on me. A storm watch was in effect and sure enough, when I turned around to head south, BAM, that headwind knocked me down to 10 mph real fast.

But overall, great ride, 11.2 miles, which brings us up to 82.6 after 7 rides.

CSD 2013 Summer Mission – 430 at 43


My man Jack LaLanne would try to do some feat of strength and endurance every birthday. As I hit the big 4-3 this summer, I figured it would be cool to try to do the same thing myself every year. Like many warm-weather lovers, I come alive and my vitality increases one hundred fold when the weather is warm, so setting a summer time goal is perfect for me.

So what did Jack do at 43? According to this site, he:

1957 Age 43: Swam the treacherous Golden Gate Channel, towing a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser. This involved fighting the cold, swift ocean currents that made the 1 mile swim a 6 ½ mile test of strength and endurance.


Well, lets just say that I’m going to start off small compared to his performance.

At 43, I’d like to:

Deadlift – 430 lbs.

Bicycle – 430 miles

Now, I know those totals aren’t much to many people reading this, but it has value to me. First. I’ve deadlifted over 430 lbs. before in my younger days. My brother can deadlift 505 lbs. just getting out of bed, no warm-up, and with Beethoven playing in his ears. But for me to handle that kind of weight requires consistency on my part. I can get workout routine A-D-D and not stick to the tried and true compound-skill lifts that require dedication to really get the numbers up. Plus, since dudes like to do the curls-for-girls in the power rack,  it’s often hard to get an Olympic bar with the space around me to warrant keeping the DL in my routine on a consistent basis. But, now that the weather’s better and my homegym is open for business again (check out Jason’s article here for some great tips on training at home), I can pull with the deadlift bar (hex bar) and even use the Olympic bar if I have to. So this goal will likely be the most convenient, but surely the hardest to achieve.

My Rack Pull weight, but getting this off the floor as a true Deadlift may be a bit more difficult!
My Rack Pull weight, but getting this off the floor as a true Deadlift may be a bit more difficult!

Next is logging 430 miles on my rusty-trusty bike. Sadly, there are only a few good months to ride the bike in my area but it’s something I absolutely love doing. Having the time will be the biggest challenge on this one, but I’m looking forward to knocking it out as an early morning ride is the most tranquil thing I do. Okay, maybe cruising with the sounds going in harmony with the Flowmasters is up there as well, but that activity doesn’t burn any calories.

Bike Ride
My bike ride view in the early morning…ah yes, I must admit that when you get as depressed as I do in the winter, you appreciate the warmer days so much more!

So where am I at right now? Well, as of today:

Deadlift – 365 x 3

Bike Miles – 71 miles (5 rides)

How about you? Any goals you have for your next birthday? Forget that New Year’s resolution stuff, if you’ve already failed there, why not use your birthday as a new target?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!